Early works

'The inward eye'      Oil on canvas      1978

'Girl with tears in her eyes'      Oil on canvas      1978

'In the looking glass'      Oil on canvas      1978

This is from a picture, of what appeared to be a biblical scene (sun-beams and dust), I saw on the mirror
in the bedroom whilst lying in bed one Sunday morning.  It was somewhat like watching clouds -
but the picture didn't change. However, I was reluctant to move, lest I lost it.

But, after a couple of hours, I decided to fetch pencil and paper and made a rough sketch.
The result was this picture - the glass depicting the mirror.

I used the same subject matter for 'Madonna in the looking glass' a Christmas Story and for
a stone lithograph.

'Madonna in the looking glass'      Acryl on canvas

Spalte 2

'Childhood Memories'      Oil on canvas       1980

This depicts my traumatic voyage from St. Helena to Capetown.

Capricorn, that's me, with the worm I vomited whilst seasick for six days, the fish that ate the worm
- so it was the worm that died and not me -
and  'the albatross' the bird that ate the fish that swallowed the worm and followed the ship to 
guide us safely to our destination.

Blue Madonna      Oil on canvas      1980

Esther's path      Oil on canvas      1978

Ueli's path      Oil on canvas      1978

Golda's people      Oil on canvas      1983

The proffered hand      Oil on canvas      1983

Woman in a red hat      Oil on canvas      1984